Stop Fatigue Related Accidents

Let's make transportation safer


An app for Humans.

Our mobile app puts you at the center of the solution. Track your fatigue levels, get suggestions on route and schedule, and access your live data from the sensor kits. Our A.I. is here to assist you via the app. Download the app:

On the ground, in the air, if transportation is important to you, we're here to help you

Extend your SafeDrive

Sensor Kit

Our environment affects us a lot. But because we are all unique it affects us differently. Our Sensor kit picks up important in-car data and focuses on elements that will impact your fatigue levels.

Some of the sensors we use (hint: there is more!).


Luminosity impacts fatigue so we measure it and give you suggestions based on different ligth levels.

Air Quality

Pollution takes a huge toll on us yet we seldom stop and think about the impact it has on us. Let's change that!


Ever noticed how you get more sleepy when your environment is quiet? At the same time, too much noise will also get you off your game. We're here to help.

...And beyond

We have more sensors in our kit and we also bring in other external elements in our A.I. mix so that you can get personalized recommendations that fit your transportation needs and goals.

Extend your SafeDrive

A.I. Vision

Our on-board vision kit is your companion. Our A.I. mixes all the information collected and gives you recommendations that will help you make it to your destination safely. And since Privacy is a chief concern the camera data stays on-board this way you don't have to worry about others seeing you pick your nose when you drive!

Camera vision to make your driving experience safer

Our Team

We put together a team of experts to solve the problem of fatigue-related accidents. The team is scattered around the world so we have an international vision of the issue. Many of us are also part of the Intel Software Innovators Program in IoT and AI. We're humans building technology that will assist humans, not direct them!

  • Silviu Tudor Serban

    Computer Vision Expert

  • Bill Boothby


  • Gregory Menvielle


  • Agnès Duverger

    Product Lead

  • John Barberis


  • Steven Fink


  • Johnny Chan

    Big Data - ML