Helping Your Team Avoid
Fatigue Related Accidents
Win a device

How it works

SmartTrans is taking a novel approach to solving fatigue related accidents.

Human Factors

You are a pro spending long hours on the road, we help you stay on top of your game, and schedule, by taking your lifestyle into account.

In-cab analysis

We use a mix of sensors and camera technology to keep you safe, warn you about fatigue levels, and give you actionable suggestions on how to make your day better, and safer.

Privacy minded

Your data should remain yours. Always. Our technology lets us do the analysis in the cab rather than sending it out to the Internet.

Win a device

In a few months we are going to release our beta devices and to get one of them you need to be in one of the following groups:

1 - Raffle winner

By giving us your email you become eligible for our device raffle. We will give a device to one person and one person only!

2 - IndieGoGo

Later in the year we will have an indieGoGo campaign. Chances are it will be the only to get SmartTrans if you are not a transportation professional.

3 - Transportation Business

If you are a transportation professional, including an independent truck operator, you can get early access to our technology and help us shape transportation fatigue prevention. Drop us a line to find out how to join the program.

Our Team

We span the globe to produce a solution that helps prevent fatigue related accidents and offer professional operators a platform to better manage their workload.

Agnes Duverger

Product Lead

Silviu Tudor Serban

Computer Vision Expert

Bill Boothby


John Barberis


Steven Fink


Johnny Chan

Big Data - ML

Gregory Menvielle


We are also part of the Intel Software Innovators Program for IoT and the Esri Startup Program.